How to make Autopsy 4.19.3 deb file

Hello, I want to make a deb file to install the latest Autopsy 4.19.3. The source code is available on GitHub but that’s a huge code. Can anyone help me to create a deb file to install it on Ubuntu 20.04?

Thanks in advance

You don’t need to deal with the full code from github. The 4.19.3 release for windows has the instructions for running it on linux in the file ‘Running_Linux_OSX.txt’. What I did was install it on windows first, then copy the autopsy folder from program files over to my linux machine and follow the instructions in the file to get it running. You could go about creating the deb file from that release and those instructions. You would need to create an install script to grab the dependencies that aren’t already in the Ubuntu repositories but it shouldn’t be too difficult to apply the unix install instructions to any howto for deb making that’s out there. Though I would only bother if you were going to be installing it on a number of machines (more than 5?), otherwise, just put the autopsy folder from windows into an archive (I made an iso so it was easy to get into my VMs in ESXi) and install manually as needed.

Yes i will be using it more than 5 PC. I want to make a deb file ubuntu apt server got really old version. So I thought why not i create one.

Can you help me with that?

Thanks for your reply

I haven’t personally made deb files, but I found this:

Thanks for your help.