Missing java deb for TSK 4.6.7

Missing the sleuthkit-4.6.7.jar when attempting to run the setup for autopsy. The deb file is not available on TSK’s release page and the link from the autopsy page is broken.

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I second this, it would be great to get directions on how to compile the updated sleuthkit-4.6.7.jar file.

Sleuthkit 4.7.0 has been released with a new deb file (although the link from the autopsy page has not been updated).
Try giving it a shot with the new TSK 4.7.0 deb file and Autopsy 4.13.0.

FYI here is the link:

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Thank you very much for sharing the download link. Autopsy 4.13.0 works like a charm on Debian 10.1. Thumbnails were not working for me on Autopsy 4.11.0 and now everything is perfect.

Could not install the sleuthkit java package via apt because of some dependency issues, so I installed it via dpkg and it worked.

Most importantly big thanks to all the developers and contributors, you are doing an amazing job :slight_smile:

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Encountered a non-critical issue - thumbnails are not being generated for video files. Also having a little bit of a hard time getting 3d party plugins to work, but then again, haven’t tried that hard yet :slight_smile:

edit: 3d party plugins (netbeans, did not test python yet) work well :slight_smile:

Thumbnails not being generated for video files is a known limitation. See the “Limitations” section at the bottom of the Running_Linux_OSX.txt file for other limitations.

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