ERROR: sleuthkit-4.11.1.jar not found

On Ubuntu 20.04, I downloaded autopsy-4.19.2. After installing sleuthkit-4.11.1.tar.gz (no .deb available) and attemping to run autopsy-4.19.2., I get the below error:

MyUserName@MyPCname:~/Programs/Autopsy/autopsy-4.19.2$ sh

Checking prerequisites and preparing Autopsy:

Checking for PhotoRec…found in /usr/bin
Checking for Java…found in /usr/lib/jvm/bellsoft-java8-full-amd64
Checking for Sleuth Kit Java bindings…ERROR: sleuthkit-4.11.1.jar not found in /usr/share/java/ or /usr/local/share/java/.
Please install the Sleuth Kit Java bindings file.
See Releases · sleuthkit/sleuthkit · GitHub

(see my ticket: Sleuthkit CLI not work with sleuthkit-java; this happened with autopsy-4.17.0)

. mmls -V shows: The Sleuth Kit ver 4.11.1
dpkg --list does not list sleuthkt

My question is, should I install via the terminal “sudo install sleuthkit” as I did with autopsy-4.17.0. I know this will break the command line sleuthkit function, but I would it resolve my current issue with autopsy-4.19.2. I do not want to randomly install software, as I use other forensic terminal programs. Thank you.