Category Topics

Autopsy Help

Used for questions about using Autopsy. The User Guide can be found online.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Online Training

This category is for questions related to the online training course material at If you have general questions about using Autopsy, you should use the Autopsy Help category. Please do not post answers to the questions here.

Autopsy Feature Requests

Used to discuss Autopsy feature requests. The GitHub tracker is a better place to record these so that developers can learn about them.

Autopsy Development

Used for questions about building Autopsy modules. Refer to the development documentation for basic information.

Autopsy Stories

This category is for posts about using Autopsy in an investigation or about solving problems by building Autopsy modules. It is not a place for questions.

The Sleuth Kit Development

Used for questions about integrating The Sleuth Kit into a forensics tool.

Autopsy on Linux / macOS

Post Linux- and macOS-specific issues here.

The Sleuth Kit Help

Used for questions about using The Sleuth Kit command line tools.

The Sleuth Kit Stories

Used for postings about using The Sleuth Kit in investigations or within other tools. They are not intended to be questions, but instead are more about information sharing.