Installing Autopsy MacOs Ventura - Error sleuthkit-4.12.0.jar not found

Hello, I am installing Autopsy on an Apple Silicon MacOS MacBook Pro running Ventura. At the install Autopsy step I get the following error.

Checking prerequisites and preparing autopsy:

~/autopsy/autopsy-4.20.0 ~/autopsy/autopsy-4.20.0
Checking for PhotoRec…found in /usr/local/bin
Checking for Java…Checking for Sleuth Kit Java bindings…ERROR: sleuthkit-4.12.0.jar not found in /usr/share/java/ or /usr/local/share/java/.
Please install the Sleuth Kit Java bindings file.
See Releases · sleuthkit/sleuthkit · GitHub.
Unable to setup permissions for application binaries

I cannot seem to find the Java bindings file. Everything went pretty smooth up to this point and I made sure JAVA_HOME was correct and the install to build sleuthkit did not error. Not sure where to go from here.