Sudo and Autopsy

Hi all,
I’m using Autopsy 4.19 in my Ubuntu 20.04 and if I launch it typing “autopsy” all goes fine.
But, if I use sudo -E autopsy, SOLR doesn’t start and it cannot create a CORE.
If I try to start manually SOLR, e.g. sudo -E solr start -p 23232 --force then sudo -E autopsy works perfectly!
This issue was not in the previous Autopsy, what’s changed?
Thank you
PS: the new sleuthkit-java_4.11.1-1_amd64.deb it’s impossible to download! :smiley:

[SOLVED] I simply changed the variable FORCE = false into FORCE = true in the file autopsy/solr/bin/autopsy-solr
so the SOLR server starts in sudo mode.