Solr + Autopsy 4.11

Hey All,
The latest Autopsy + solr configuration guide (
is with Solr-4.10.3-0, which is pretty old, and in the new Solr I downloaded there is no path like in the guide -
Did someone manage to configure new Solr with Autopsy?
Thanks !!

We have run into problems using newer versions of solr with Autopsy, which is why the guide says to use 4.10.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Can you share a little about the problems you faced? (maybe I could help…)

@carrier might know. I don’t remember what the problems were but I know we’ve tried to update several times.

We tried Solr 6 for a while, but eventually got into deadlock situations in a multi-user cluster that was running autoingest for days on end. The threads were locked in some zookeeper code.

The take away at the time was that we were using Solr in ways that are not common because we make hundreds or thousands of cores and load and unload them.