Is it just me, or was solr tricky to setup?

Context : Setting up Autopsy 4.21 using PostgreSQL with Multiuser mode. I’m going to use it as a single user, but I have two/three computers and decided to try it because ingest in the single user mode is so slow. I made multiple mistakes lol

Things that went wrong:

I initially just wanted to use PostgreSQL for the sake of using it instead of SQLite and didn’t realize it was tied to Multiuser, I followed a bunch of links that were for all kinds of versions of Autopsy
This led to me initially installing JRE 8 and Solr 4 from the complimentary folder on Sourceforge
(What you need is Java 17 and Solr 8)

Once I fixed that, I followed the correct instructions for installing Solr and ran NSSM, but then the webpage didn’t work right.

There was a variable that was SET SOMETHING=(TODO example) and judging by the paragraph, I thought it was fine if I just left it alone. Turns out it wasn’t. Now this is me being a dummy who didn’t realize the SET command is not compatible with parentheses, but a before/after pic would have helped here. I kinda just left them there because they were already there.

I had an issue where the Solr service in services.msc that NSSM made wouldn’t start properly. Fixed that by going to a command prompt and playing around with trying to run solr from the solr installation folder which is how i found out there was already an instance listening. Idk why. I think i fixed this w/ solr stop

I also found it helped to run Solr from the command line because then it would output to the command prompt so I could see my stupid mistakes. Also helped to check the server/logs folder.

I’m on the last step now which is installing ActiveMQ. Well, this took around 4-5 hours of my day. I feel dumb now.