Sudo Autopsy in Ubuntu

I cannot run Autopsy 19.1.1 in my Ubuntu 20.04 in sudo mode or in sudo -E, the SOLR server does not run, so no keyword ingest and no core created.
Is there a solution?

[SOLVED] I simply changed the variable FORCE = false into FORCE = true in the file autopsy/solr/bin/autopsy-solr
so the SOLR server starts in sudo mode…

Beauty. Thank you for the hot tip. I was getting those red icon Solr error in all Autopsy versions after 4.17.0. on Ubuntu 20.04. “I threw the kitchen sink at it.” Even after wiping and reinstalling Ubuntu 20.04 on the SSD, Solr did not function.

DE NADA! I hope they are going to fix it :smiley: