Mark deprecated documentation


when I google autopsy or sleuthkit docs, I often get links to old versions of their documentations. Would it be possible to add a warning to all old documentations? Or maybe a dropdown menu to chose the most recent one?
Example: If I google “autopsy api docs”, the first result are the docs for sleuthkit 3.1.
After searching things in old docs a few times I think that people who are new to autopsy might be easily confused. Some links point to recent, but many indexed by google point to older versions.

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There are a little trick you could do right now that might make your life easier without waiting for code changes: substitute “latest” in the URL of the documentation you are looking for, e.g.,

Thanks for the tip. I already bookmarked the versions I need. But it could make the life of other people a bit easier I guess.

I agree. However, moving forward on this suggestion is a matter of limited resources and prioritization. I have brought the suggestion to the attention of Brian Carrier here at Basis Technology.