Autopsy version clarification

What is Autopsy 4.7?
Here is some context. I’m taking a course at wake tech which requires me to use autopsy. However I’m asked in my lab to go here :Autopsy - Download and its titled installing autopsy 4.7. I am very confused because it very clearly brings me to the autopsy download page which only has the latest version of 4.21.0. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. I even saw this post and it makes matters worse: Autopsy - Autopsy 4.7 Includes Link Analysis, Database Viewers, Triage, and More .
Finally i looked here and still confirms autopsy only goes to 4.21.0 : Releases · sleuthkit/autopsy · GitHub

If anyone can help make this make sense for me I’d appreciate it.

On the github release pages for Autopsy it is on the second page down towards the bottom of the page Releases · sleuthkit/autopsy · GitHub

I’m confused by your confusion.

Autopsy 4.21 is newer than 4.7, so that’s where the download takes you. 4.7 is from 2018 and 4.21 is from this past August.

See here for the blog post on 4.21.

It sounds like your lab just points to the most recent download page, but is still labeled as 4.7 in the assignment/lab text you are provided. Sounds like your professor needs to just update the material.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding your question.

This is wholly embarrassing. I must not bet getting enough sleep because I simply misread this.
I read Autopsy as 4.2 instead of Autopsy 4.21.0. So seeing 4.7 I of course thought it was the latest version.

From there the different numbers in that lab and the following labs further confused me. But thanks to both your posts I went to the github pages and autopsy download page and was able to realize my mistake. And now I’ll disappear into the background from this embarrassment.