UI Development for autopsy

Me and my team wants to contribute in this open source project of sleuthkit, we are thinking of trying to improve the UI of this toolkit. But we are not sure how to see the result if we try to make changes in the code cloned from github? Actually we have developed some modules locally but we just changed the code in the files we got from downloading the tool and we saw the output instantly as we just add the module . But we are still trying to find a way how to see the changes if we try to change the code we cloned from github! anyone please assist how to do so?

Are you asking how to run from source? Have you looked at autopsy/BUILDING.txt at develop · sleuthkit/autopsy · GitHub ?

yes and if I try to add some tabs or change its UI , i want to see the results

Ok then you’ll need to follow the instructions in the link I put in my last comment to build the code. If you make any changes you’ll see them when you build.