Error during ingest (_TIFFVSetField Error)

I got several errors during ingest running. What does this error mean?

My guess is that you’ve got a corrupt TIFF file, or at least one that the library Autopsy uses can’t handle. It appears libtiff is very strict.

Did ingest complete successfully apart from these pop-up warnings?

I’m not sure it’ll tell us much, but you could you attach your Autopsy logs, or just the stack traces. You can find the logs by going to Help->Open Log Folder in Autopsy. I don’t think there’s really a problem here, though, except that you’re seeing a message that should have only appeared in the logs.

Here are logs:logs
Ingest is still running. When many errors appeared, ingest was waiting to click “OK” on error message window

Thanks for the logs, though unfortunately I don’t see anything helpful in there.

I’ve been trying to replicate the error by corrupting .tif files but haven’t been able to so far. I realize the errors didn’t give file names, but if you happen to know which files caused them and could share those it would help.

We’ll look into it - we don’t want error messages like these to display and certainly don’t want them to hold up ingest. But for your case I suspect it just means some of your .tif files aren’t perfectly formatted and isn’t something you need to worry about.

I get this error on another image too. It seems to the error occures by each .tif file.
Another thing is, how it is possible that keywordsearch lasts so long time on .ico file ?
Keywordsearch runs with OCR enabled.

I killed tesseract.exe process after over 5 houres and ingest is continuing work.

Thank you for giving so much detail. I’ve now replicated it - it does seem to be the OCR part of Keyword Search causing the error pop-ups (and possibly the issue with the .ico file).

We will work on fixing it. Until then disabling OCR may be the best choice.

The error you are seeing is coming from one of the libraries that Tesseract calls when it runs. In new release of Tesseract this error is being suppressed so it will not cause the popups that you were experiencing. A new version of Tesseract-OCR will be available in an upcoming release of Autopsy when it is available. In the mean time I have created a post in the Autopsy Help section of this board in how to upgrade Tesseract-OCR in Autopsy Versions 4.8 - 4.12. If you have any questions please let me know.

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