Injesting is not continues after getting a tif file

Hi there,

I tried twice to injest data from an image. Both instances it got stuck or did not proceed after it reaches a file named as 111.tif . It has complete only 5% and does not proceed with.

Similar thing happens in one of my previous try with another disk image too. That was also a different tif file. I cancel the injest as it was 97% completed.


Is there a way to get this injest complete?

Upon further waiting noticed particular file mentioned is injested. but several other files are stuck. Attached the ingest progress snapshot.
Link to picture
so there are 3 files stuck ingesting, 218.tif, 218a.tif, and scan_property.ico

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to attach your log files? In Autopsy, go to Help->Open Log Folder to see the logs.

Another use is also experiencing problems with tif files:

Is it possible you have error dialogs hidden under other windows? Also, would it be possible to share the files ingest is getting stuck on?

Are you running Keyword Search with OCR enabled?