Autospy runs, but it's a blank screen

Hi I’m using a version of Ubuntu.
I followed the steps online to download (from here: Autopsy - Download)

However when I run ./autopsy I get this screen. The terminal doesn’t show any errors.
For context: Java is bellsoft8. I’ve tried different versions but nothing seemed to have helped it. Need it for a uni assignment would appreciate the help!

Hi, I’ve had the same issue on Linux Mint. I did this: GitHub - FabMasu/Autopsy-installation-for-Linux: Autopsy installation for Linux Mint style distros, and it works fine on Mint, but doesn’t on Ubuntu… A library is probably missing. You can use my script and try to find what’s wrong. Maybe it’s the desktop. Mint uses Cinnamaon.
If any of the readers had found what’s going on, please help.