Autopsy install on Linux (debian)

Hi all,
I had some issues when I tried to download, i got this error:

ft@penguin~/autopsy-4.20.0/linux_macos_install_scripts$ ./ -i ~/autopsy -n Autopsy-Manu -j /bin/java
Setting up application at /home/ft/autopsy//…
./ line 87: pushd: no other directory
Unable to setup permissions for application binaries

Does anyone know a solution?
Please reply if you have a solution or need more info etc. :slight_smile:

The scripts don’t work on my testing VM on Linux Mint. To make it work, I do as explained on a DFIR video (Compiling Software in Linux: The Sleuthkit - YouTube), but I cannot install Autopsy. I did all, but the last problem is libtsk_jni not found. And then the interface of the software does not work.

You can try this : GitHub - FabMasu/Autopsy-installation-for-Linux: Autopsy installation for Linux Mint style distros
and tell me if it works.