MacOS Installation Guide

I have created an installation guide for macOS that I hope will solve your installation issues. I attempted to explain the process reasonably well so that you can successfully troubleshoot any installation issues. I recommend you carefully follow the steps before attempting any variations.

I wish you well.

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John, many thanks for putting this together ā€¦ I finally got Autopsy working on my Mac after years of issues! Rgds, James

Hi John
here same after years of pain and trouble now it runs nice.
not all is working like vmdk or timeline but most others is running.
many many thanks for spending so much time for that installation Guide.


Hi @xeen3d,

If you compile libvmdk from source ( before you compile sleuthkit, you should have VMDK support. Timeline is known not to work (see the autopsy GitHub site).

thank you for sharing this information with us

Hi, Iā€™m not sure if there has been an update or something, but there is one part of your installation guide that does not work. After carefully going through the launch script, I realized what the problem is.

Replace all instances of $JAVA_HOME with $jdkhome .

Or, what I found easier, just insert

jdkhome="$JAVA_HOME" in line 83 or earlier.

Perhaps this works: Installing Autopsy on macOS Big Sur