Windows Autopsy GUI Problem!

I have a problem with the GUI of the Autopsy
Where it becomes like this in the following Screenshots shortly after launching it
Knowing that the specifications of my computer I working on are high

  • GPU: RTX 3070
  • RAM: 32G
  • CPU: Intel i7-10700K

Autopsy 4.19 & 4.20 same problem



Same issue here.
gpu rtx 4090
cpu amd ryzen
ram 128gb

I can’t seem to reproduce what you and @Jood97 are seeing. The only thing that I can see that is the same for both of you is the GPU is an RTX model. Is it possible to try this on another machine or in a VM to see if you get the same issue?

There is a thread a bit further down where more people(including me) are having the same issue. In that thread there is a person with an AMD card, so this is not only happening to people with RTX cards.

still no fix? its really annoying