Blank screen on Launch

Hope some have suggestions! I installed autopsy 4.13.0 on a Windows 10 system and when I launch it, it displays a blank, grey screen (as in the attached image). In prior versions, it has always had a popup window to ask about creating a case, opening an existing one etc. Any thoughts as to what I may have done wrong?


Hmm that window isn’t right at all so more has gone wrong than just the case open dialog being missing. Here’s what the top menu and toolbar should look like:


Did you at any time get a dialog about a jar being missing and chose to continue anyway?

Regardless, my suggestions would be:

  • Uninstall
  • Go into AppData/Roaming and delete the “autopsy” folder. Note you should only do this if you have no settings you want to save - it will delete any keyword lists, ingest profiles, interesting file rules, etc. If you have settings you want saved, rename or move the Autopsy folder instead of deleting it
  • Reinstall and see if the issue is resolved. If you want to restore your settings, replace the “autopy/config” folder in the new “autopsy” folder you’ll find in AppData with your saved version. Hopefully this won’t cause the problem to come back.

Hello, I have also encountered this problem. This problem should be caused by the module not being activated. You can try to open the TOOLS column and click the Autopsy-core module in Plugins to activate and solve.