Unable to create Postgres Central Repository Database

This is a fresh installation, following the instructions for multi-user. I also set up a fresh new PSQL Window 10 system, and a fresh new Solr Windows 10 system (using local storage).

When trying to create a postgres database, I get:
Unable to create Postgres Central Repository Database, please ensure address, port, and login credentials are correct for postgres server and try again.

I have confirmed the port is opened and connecting, the user is created, the password is right, and the user has create database permissions. What am I missing? This seems too simple to be having an issue like this.

How did you confirm that you can access the database? I use a program called dbeaver to do this as it will point to any issues when trying to connect to Postgres.

Can you check the logs to try to find a more specific error? Autopsy User Documentation: Troubleshooting