Unable to build settings

Here is code https://pastebin.com/60mRD1Nm

I get error at line 109

I have posted a similar problem, but so far no one have answer it… :frowning: :

Try and change the file name of the module from 60mRD1Nm.py to m60RD1nm.py. I was able to get it to work and see the gui panel for your plugin.

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Hi Mark, what version autopsy you are using? The file name is actually ChromePasswords.py

I am using 4.16 and I was going off the file you posted in paste bin.

I am using autopsy version 4.13
So it could be that!

Which version introduced GenericIngestModuleJobSettings to fileingestmodule?
because it works with datasourceingestmodule but not fileingestmodule.

I believe that was around 4.7 or 4.8 release that it was introduced.