Smutdetect won't install

I can download and add plugin, but on Install I get this message:
Cannot complete the validation of downloaded plugins

The validation of downloaded plugins cannot be completed, cause: NBM C:\Users\cam30\AppData\Roaming\autopsy\update\download\uk-co-smutdetect.nbm needs unpack200 to process following entries:

My Java Version is:

java -version
java version “” 2022-04-22
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build, mixed mode, sharing)

Plugin will need to be recompiled with Autopsy 4.21.0 in order to be used with 4.20 or 4.21. This is because Autopsy updated it’s version of Java. Once you recompile it then it should get you around this issue.

Some plugins require plugin Common Annotations to be installed.
The plugin Common Annotations is requested in version >= 1.52 but only 1.45 was found. The following plugin is affected: SmutDetect4Autopsy

If smutDetect4Autopsy needs a specific version of something then it needs to make sure it has that version of it.

Got it to build and install, but it’s not showing in the ingest list after a reset!