search blocking.

After 1 p.m. it crashes. I left overnight and in the morning it always stays in the same search spot. The RAM memory goes up to 99% I have to be done at the end of the task.
I have to start over all the time. How to make it so that it does not block anymore?
I show you a picture of where it hangs.

It looks like you are processing the C:\ drive, is this the drive that the Autopsy case is on that you are processing?

Yes the C drive. 13 hours

So if you are indexing the C drive and the case that you are using is one the C drive then that is probably the issue. The case should reside on a different drive than the live drive you are trying to process.

So if I understand correctly I cannot analyze direct while being active in the session, I have to put it example in safe mode or use another computer, another hard drive which would have a Windows system ?

So be content with what he could do as an analysis ?

I would suggest putting the case on another drive if you have it or maybe a thumb drive (which will be slower).

It’s nice and good the C partition disk that I need to scan. If Autopsy cannot complete because I am on the system at the same time, then so much pi.

Tank you.