Stopped at Analyzing Registry

Good Day,

I am a student working on creating a project image for other students to analyze. I am using an HP Pavilion laptop running WIN10 as the target machine. It has a 250gb hard drive with about 220 of that usable to Windows. I backdated the BIOS, installed the OS, did some Edge browsing (the only browser to let you surf with time backdated a year), and then took an image of the drive with dc3dd on to a portable SSD. Took that image and put it on my workstation (Dell Precision 7740, i7-9850H, 32 Gigs of RAM) and ran Autopsy 4.16.0 against it. Started it at 11 pm last night and then when I checked on it 10 hours later, I was stuck at 50% on the Recent Activity ingest module. This is the second time I had run it and got to the same place with 10+ hours. The only thing logged when I canceled the module was * Failure processing Microsoft Edge WebCacheV01.dat file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


So took an alternate path to see if I would get another result. I downloaded TSURUGI acquire and booted with that, ran Guymager to do the acquisition, and put them in E01 form this time. The crazy thing is it gets to the exact same spot. I let it run this time from 1 pm to now (almost 17 hours) and its stopped where it reached in roughly 25 min.

I have been having this exact issue, stuck at 50% on the Recent Activity ingest module. Have you been able to resolve the issue?

Can you supply the log file for the case in which you run the recent activity?


I was not able to find anything. Because this is an image I am creating for a college course, I just recreated an image on another hard drive.



Unfortunately I deleted everything because I was pressed for time for college course.


This is the log file from one of my most recent attempts. It always seems to stick at this point