Recent activity ingest stops every single time

Hi guys,

thanks for your help in forward!

I ran the ingest “recent activity” at a 240GB dd-img again and again but it always hangs at 18% (analyzing registry files), the ingest “analyzing files” (started automatically) hangs at 72% every time.

Does anyone have a hint how to fix this problem?

Here is the output of autopsy.log at jumshare file hoster:

Ok I looked at the logfile and it has that there was an warning on:

WARNING: Regripper file C:\Users\***censored***\Desktop\Autopsy\***censored***\ModuleOutput\RecentActivity\reg_0\NTUSER.DAT-regripper-20108-full.err.txt contains errors from run

So I wonder if you create a new case and run afresh if you still have the same problem? Or Create a new cacse and just run regripper?