Portable packed distribution

Hi people,
Is there a portable-packed distribution of Autopsy, either for Windows or Mac?

As I have a solidstate disk with low capacity I want to have it stored in an external usb storage for eventual use.

  • For Windows, I see that only MSI files are enabled to download. Or there are portable versions too somewhere?

  • For Mac, it is a complex mix between brew installed applications and custom setups.

Thanks in advance.

For Windows you can rename or move the Autopsy folder and it will work fine. Config settings will be stored in your AppData folder. If you want those stored with the Autopsy executable you can use the live triage drive option (it runs Autopsy with some parameters that causes the settings to be saved in a folder next to the Autopsy executable). http://sleuthkit.org/autopsy/docs/user-docs/4.16.0/live_triage_page.html