Data Storage Shared?

I’m new to autopsy. I’ve begun importing a data source using the file type “logical files”. When doing this, it takes a while and in the progress bar, it says “Processing data source and adding it to a local database. File analysis will start when this finishes”.

Does this mean the data that is being imported to Autopsy is being stored in a database that can be accessed by other users? Or is whatever data source I add only accessible by me using the current computer running Autopsy? I guess the question/concern is that whatever data source I add that contains sensitive info (e.g. credit card number) will be accessible by people other than myself. I want to be sure whatever data source is added is secure and not added to some database that others have access to.

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m not too tech savvy and trying to learn as I go.

Unless you’ve set up a multi-user environment (as described here: your case database is stored in your case folder. It’s the “autopsy.db” file.

So as long as that folder isn’t in a place accessible by others you’re good. The only other thing to check is whether you have a central repository enabled ( When enabled, information like email addresses and phone numbers will be saved there, so if you want to use it make sure to use a SQLite database saved to a location only accessible by you.

Thank you! It seems like central repository is NOT enabled.

The only thing I did so far was 1. follow the instructions for downloading on OS X 2. Used another set of instructions for install sleuth kit step by step because the instructions in the downloaded zip folder actually led to a few issues others also seemed to run into.

I’m 99.9% sure I didn’t set up a multi-user environment since I didn’t make user accounts or have a PostGres or SQLlite or other db product.

Thank you for answering a seemingly basic question!