Multi-user case

hi,everybody,I encountered a problem
When creating a multi-user case, other users have only one computer name in the shared folder, and can’t open the case.
The environment is set up, but after I created the case here, I have all the files such as .aut, but there is no suffix .aut file in the shared folder.
I am very grateful to solve this problem.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re describing. When you make a multi-user case, the base folder for the case will contain the .aut file, a properties file, and folders for each user that accesses the case. Here is what one of my case folders looks like:


If someone else accessed the case, there would be a new folder for them but they would share the same .aut file.

There’s documentation on multi-user setup here:

Thank you very much for your answer, the problem has been solved, because the shared file is not set correctly, causing problems