How can I run a case on the laptop I have Autopsy installed on?

I am not well versed with computers so please forgive any questions that may seem very elementary. I have downloaded Autopsy 4.19 on two laptops, one with Windows 7 and one with Windows 10.

The older laptop with Windows 7 is where I want to run a full autopsy case on! This laptop has been used by my ex husband and is full of all sorts of surprises and I’ve come to find no one knows how incredibly tech savvy he has been for many years.

How can I run this operation?
I know when I go to add a new case and I’m asked the source, the USB drive I’m connecting to will pop up but no other files or drives, etc. The deleted files is the most important but truly everything I can get a hold of.

Can someone tell me how this is done?

Thank you, friends!

Take this with a pinch of salt or 3 as I’m only learning myself, but I’ve found the best way is to make an image of your usb flash drive first, this should give you the whole drive, including deleted or non indexed files.
Once you create the image then you can load it in to autopsy by selecting image file.
There’s different ways of creating the image too, I’ve used FTK for my last one and seems good.
Hope this helps you, I’m open to any corrections too if I’m doing it wrong :slight_smile: