Autopsy 4.21.0 Installer for Windows

Would it be possible to offer an EXE installer for Autopsy vs an MSI package? I’m asking because MSI packages that get installed leave a copy of the installer in the C:\Windows\Installer directory. My understanding is that these packages are used for reparing and uninstalling programs, and thus it is recommended not to delete the package from this directory. EXE installers do not seem to be backed up in this way, thus saving quite a bit of space on the system. For my use-case, Autopsy is installed in a forensic virtual machine, and every GB and MB count when trying to keep the overall size of the VM minimal.

We can look into that. In the meantime have you thought about running Autopsy as if it was a Live Triage Drive. The directories are a little different so you have to put things in different places but it can run from any directory.