No "Options" tab under "Tools"

I am busy downloading VicProject and C4P hash libraries to Autopsy. I downloaded and installed com-basistech-df-lehashmodules.nbm, According the instructions one should go to “Tools” -> “Options”, but there is no such menu under “Tools”.

In version 4.14, in the option menu I had the choice preferences.
After the upgrade to version 4.15, I don’t have the choice preferences, nor plugin anymore.
I uninstalled and reinstalled.
Clean the registry.
Anyway, I keep looking for a way to find all the options of the tool menu.
If I find it, I’ll come back here to leave the solution.

Hi Bastien, thanks for your response. Had the exact same issue as you.

I determined that as soon as I installed the “ExpertWitnessReport,nbm”-file, it corrupted the “Tools”-menu.

I also uninstalled everything and cleaned the registry. Thereafter did a full re-install, without the “ExpertWitnessReport,nbm”-file and everything seems to be working fine.

I hope that was the problem.

Hi lotiebrink,
I followed your precious instructions step by step.
And I got my options back.
The game’s back on track.
Thanks you for your help, lotiebrink

Good Morning,
I also had the same problem when installing this module.