Local drives were not detected

When I’m on the “Add Data Source” screen, I try to select a disk but it says “Local drives were not detected. Auto-detection not supported on this OS or admin privileges required”. I don’t know how to execute Autopsy with admin privileges. I’m using Linux (Debian). This is probably a rookie question, but I really don’t know how. Any pointers?

Additional information: when I try to run from root, I get this:

./…/platform/lib/nbexec: WARNING: environment variable DISPLAY is not set

I set my user to admin and tried to execute it, but I still run into the same problem. I've also tried running it from my regular account as "sudo ./autopsy". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The issue is that you need to run Autopsy with ‘root’ privileges or privileges of a user or group that can read /dev/sdX devices (ie. the ‘disk’ group on Debian). Your options are to add your current user to the ‘disk’ group on your system and then log out and log back in. Alternatively you can run Autopsy as ‘root’ with sudo from the command line (ie. ‘sudo bin/autopsy’). I would typically recommend the sudo route over the ‘disk’ group as having your user in the ‘disk’ group provides low level access to disks 24/7 vs. only giving Autopsy access when you need it via sudo.