Data Source not found in v4.13

I am trying to add a Data Source to a new case in v4.13 but the disk is not found by Autopsy in the ‘Select Disk’ window. This is a healthy/bootable Windows 10 SATA drive removed from a working HP laptop. Other disks are readable through the write block hardware (CRU LabDock) so I don’t believe it is hardware related.

Is there anything else I should be looking at?

Are you running Auropy as Admin? Even if the user has Admin privs you still need to run as admin to see all the disks

Yes, Autopsy is running as administrator. I created a “Live Triage” USB stick and it is running (albeit slowly) against the drive as it’s reinstalled and running in its native device. Are there any other conditions that would prevent a working drive from being recognized?

One more observation. The drive in question is visible to R-STUDIO when inserted into a USB Drive Dock and can be scanned and previewed, yet it does not appear in the list of disks in “Add Data Source” step in Autopsy 4.13

S.M.A.R.T. status indicates “GOOD”