Json hash set not supported for Hash Ingest

Hi. I have two json hash sets (Project Vic) that I want to run in Autopsy. However, it appears that json is not supported for hash ingest. Can you recommend a method to convert these or action I can take so they can be ingested?

Sorry, one other things to add. I requested the ProjectVic/C4A module a couple times but have not had any responses. This is why I am trying to load the hashes the way I am. Thanks.

Did you ever figure this out? I 'm currently having the same issue with the Project Vic json files and no response after requesting the ProjectVic/C4A module. Thanks.

I emailed support@autopsy.com and they provided a link for the Law enforcement module, after I was not getting a response from filling out the form on the website. After installing the bundle I was able to upload the json hash set from Project VIC.