Autopsy 4.19.3 HASH not calculeted

Hi everyone, this is maybe stupid question but I m new into this tool and I didnt found solution anywhere on the internet.

Why all of my evidence doesn’t have any hash calculated? I didnt upload any hashlist. After Autopsy finish with processing, HASH values of each evidence cant be seen. Sometimes it doesnt even show hash value of the forensic image. Why i dont see hash values of my evidences

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Did you run the ingest module for calculating hashs for files and the data source. Where are you looking for the hashs at?

Yes i did, in side panel i get this.

First, close and open your case. Sometimes the columns don’t get refreshed if you opened the folder while ingest was still going on.

Assuming that didn’t work, go to Case->Data Source Summary, select your data source and click on the “Ingest History” tab. Verify that the “Hash Lookup” module ran.

If the hash module did run, run ingest again and make sure the box to generate hashes even without a list present is checked: