Error importing ProjectVIC

Running Autopsy 4.18

Tools > Options > ProjectVIC

When I select Import Hashes under “Update” I get the following error:

Parsing Error (Not all records loaded): javalang.IllegalStateException: Expected a name …

I’ve tried different JSON’s, same error. I’ve re-downloaded the JSON’s from ProjectVIC in case they were corrupted, still got the same error.

I followed the directions given when I downloaded the ProjectVIC/C4P module. I also tried installing older versions of Autopsy and got the same errors.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


I am getting the same error in 4.19.3.

Has anyone had success importing this hash set in the newer releases of Autopsy?

Same issue here using 4.20. I will reach out to the email address included in the install guide for the LE module. I’ll report back if I get any traction.

Good day.

I have imported ProjectVic successfully into Autopsy 4.20 on Windows 10 and 11 systems.

I set up a new Autopsy install today and ran several test imports. ProjectVic versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 imported successfully. ProjectVic v2.0 failed and gave me the message you mentioned.

I am gonna run more tests tomorrow with larger test files.

Check what version of ProjectVic JSON file you have been using. It may be v2.0. I believe the 2.0 version is set as the default.

Good day, further to my earlier reply regarding ProjectVic imports. After testing several more ProjectVic imports, I have found that ProjectVic JSON files that contain ‘one (1) category only’ imported without issue. When I attempted to import JSON files with multiple categories, the imports failed.

The imports did not appear to be affected by the version of ProjectVic when the JSON file contained one (1) category.