Java install issue on Ubuntu VM on Mac M1


I run Ubuntu 20.04 in the Parallels 16 Technical Preview on my Mac M1 (ARM) and I am trying to install Autopsy following the tutorial. On line 55 I replaced AMD64 with ARM64. It goes wrong in line 57 on sudo apt-get install bellsoft-java8-full with an error message saying ‘Can’t find package bellsoft-java8-full’ (translated). This also went wrong when there was still AMD64 mentioned on line 55.

I am not sure where to look for the solution of this problem. I’m not a techie either. Have people here any experience with Apple’s new M1 chip in combination with Parallels already? I am interested to know what problems you ran into. Have people actually managed to install and run Autopsy on M1 in Parallels?

I am slowly starting to understand what is the matter. Java8 isn’t in that spot anymore, where Java11 is. So I succesfully installed java11 in line 57 of the tutorial. But then now I will have to install sleuthkit-java which must be of a specific version because Autopsy wants that. But that version is not available for ARM as far as I understood. So even if I found a sleuthkit-java package for ARM, which I haven’t yet, I would still be unable to install Autopsy. I think…