export mime type result all at once


It’s my first time using Autopsy and I’m still learning.
I ran an ingest on some folders and I can’t find how to export the results the way I want.

I used the “file type identification” and “extension mismatch detector” modules and the column I’m interested in is the “MIME type” one, regardless of whether it is a mismatch or there is no extension to the file.
I know there is the “save table as CSV” button, I’ll discuss about it just after.

I tried to [generate a report] with [All results] (Excel and html) but I can’t find where are the MIME type results. I also tried to tag some results but still no MIME type column in the corresponding Excel page.
Am I doing something the wrong way ?

Another solution is to use “save table as CSV” but I face another problem.
Say I analyze a directory d1 that contains another directory d2 and three files. The second directory (d2 which is in d1) contains five files.
Is there a way to visualize the 8 files at once ? I can’t find it.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: thank you

No it looks like we don’t include MIME type in the reports.

Here’s a work-around on how to save them all, assuming you don’t have a huge number of files. Go to Tools->File Search by Attribute and use the file size search to look for all files with size greater than zero:

This will open a search results tab with every non-empty file in your case. Then you can use the “Save Table as CSV” button to export them all. If you have a lot of files you might have multiple pages, but I think you’ll be able to export each page in that case.

Thanks a lot for this answer!
The number of files I have is not huge, but there are still a few hundred thousand.
I think I will do as you said but in two or three parts.

Thanks again

If this is the kind of thing you’ll need to do frequently and you know Python at all, I’d suggest writing your own report module.

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