How do I export all Images and Videoes from Autopsy (so I can import them in Griffeye)

I would like to export all images and videoes in my Autopsy project so I can import them in Griffeye.

I can do this in X-Ways by selecting the Case root recursively, selecting file type = image and video, then select all + recover/copy. However I cannot find this action in Autopsy

Here’s one way to do it. In the tree browse to Views->File Types->By Extension->Images. This will display all files with image extensions in the result viewer to the right. Click on one, then hit Control+A to select all of them, and then right-click and choose "Extract File(s).

If you’ve run the File Type module, you can use Views->File Types->By MIME Type->image and then select each image type that you want to export and do the same steps.

When I go to Views->File Types->By Extension->Images and first click left on a picture, then CTRL+A, then right click and extract: Will I get ALL images, or just the images on the given page?
I see that there are 2 pages in my case.

Ah yeah you’ll only get the current page so you’ll have to export each page. You can adjust the page size by clicking on that little gear that’s right under “File Discovery” in your screenshot. The “Maximum number of results to show in table” is controlling the page size. You can bump it up a bit to reduce paging. You can also set it to zero to disable paging entirely, but this can make the UI sluggish and unresponsive for very large numbers of results.

I’m trying to do some automated tasks on the project, so that I can save time. I am programming automation to do the cases ready for me. Is there any other way to get images and videos exportet from the project? If not then I guess I could try to set the number of results to zero.

Are also carved images included in the list of images and videoes?

Carved images should show up in the list. It seems like photorec puts an appropriate extension on the file name.

I don’t think there’s any easier way. You could always write your own module to do it.

Hello again.
Today I tried to export all images, having them all listed at the
Views -> File Types -> By extension -> Images (about 40 000 images).

However the program freezed after I hit CTRL+A.

So I guess I have to write a module. Can you please be a bit more specific on what type of module I should write to manage my goals of exporting all images and videoes?