Autopsy Blackboard Artifact Content Viewer with Images

To my understanding, Data Artifacts can only store attributes that either of these values: STRING, INTEGER, LONG, DOUBLE, BYTE, DATETIME

If an Artifact has a String attribute that contains a path to an image/video file, how can I add an Image/Video Viewer in the Data Artifact tab to view the media similar to the Email Parser’s file attachment?

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Are there any examples to create a custom Content Viewer for my created Data Artifacts to show a Image/Video Viewer?

If I take the, modify it to fit my created Data Artifacts and change the view to fit my requirements, will it show up in Autopsy?
If so, how can I develop it? This is because when trying to import it into my Netbeans Module project, the following imports have issues:

import org.openide.explorer.ExplorerManager;
import org.openide.nodes.AbstractNode;
import org.openide.nodes.Children;
import org.openide.nodes.Node;
import org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.artifactviewers.MessageArtifactWorker.MesssageArtifactData;

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