Embedded File Extractor Error unpacking

During ingest, I’m getting the unpacking error below, while I can unpack this file without errors using 7-zip installed on Windows 10. The problem occurs in versions 4.20 and 4.19. I tried replacing the 7-zip files in the Autopsy module folder, but the result is the same.
Do you have any idea how to resolve the issue?

Error unpacking _Mac.zip. One or multiple exceptions without specific error message were thrown. See multiple 'caused by' exceptions for more information. This SevenZipException has multiple 'cause by' exceptions. Use one of the SevenZipException.printStackTraceExtended(..) methods to get stack trace of last thrown and first/last potiential thrown 'cause by' exceptions. Caused by (first thrown): java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unexpected IOException Caused by (last thrown): java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unexpected IOException

I can take a look at it. Is this a file you can share? If so you can DM me or email it to me.

Hello Mark,
It is hard to share , file is about 18 GB size. It is Mackbook’s user folder copy. I packed it using 7-zip because I wanted to keep file’s timestamps during ingest.

Not a problem. The info you provided gives me an idea on how I could posssibly recreate the issue. If I have anymore questions I will reach out to you.

That appears to be a resource fork file created by Windows when accessing a Mac file system. It is essentially a phantom and usually has nothing in it.