Injest Module Error

I am new to Autopsy and just want to carve files from a USB Thumb Drive, just as an exercise. I am using the PhotoRec Carver. This is the only feature that is selected (I am assuming this is correct).

The error I get is…

“Unable to start up one or more ingest modules, ingest cancelled. Please disable the failed modules or fix the errors before restarting ingest.”

“Errors: PhotoRec Carver: The selected file ingest filter ingnores unalocated space. This module carves unalocated space. Please choose a filter which does not ignore unalocated space or disable…”

I was working from a dd/raw image of the thumb drive generated with FTK Imager. I also tried working without an image and just added the thumb drive as a local physical disk.

How can I address this issue?

Keep in mind that all I am trying to do is demonstrate carving with Autopsy. I’ll try a different approach if that is what you suggest.


Make sure you’re haven’t selected the “All files and directories (Not unallocated space)” option at the top of the ingest module selection. You need to use one that includes unallocated space to run PhotoRec, as shown below: