7z (LZMA2 compression method) support : Embedded File Extraction Module


I'm using 2 ingestion module  (simultaneously) :
  1. Embedded File Extraction Module
  2. Keyword Search

Processing 7z compressed files (that are compressed with LZMA2 compression method) I’ve this error:

WARNING: Extraction of : T:\9. Autopsy\Final_test\ModuleOutput\Embedded File Extractor\Test_LZMA2.7z_9\0\0_Z_7z_Appunti KT General 20190124.doc
encountered error UNSUPPORTEDMETHOD

Processing 7z compressed file (zipped with LZMA compression method) everything is ok.

Is LZMA2 compressing method supported in the Embedded File Extraction Module ?

Thanks in advance


So I am sorry to say that the java bindings we are using for the 7-zip do not work on this format, while there is a bindings update we are looking at the update would still have issues with this specific combination of LZMA2 7z files.

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