Web History not working well in 4.21

I have recently upgraded from Autopsy 4.19 to Autopsy 4.21.
I am working with this disk image: http://perito.legal/traidor.img.zip
When I used Autopsy 4.19 and executed Recent Activity, I used to get 496 entries in Web History and 80 entries in web search as shown in this image.

However, when I execute the very same ingest module in Autopsy 4.21, I only get 201 entries in Web History and 44 in Web search, as shown in this picture:

Especially, I noticed that am missing some navigations to flight companies in which the user tries to buy a flight, shown in the first picture. I know those searches and navigations should be there because I created the virtual machine and the forensic image.
Many of my students are experiencing the same problem.
Please help
Best regards,

Link Back to Issue: Web history not working well in Autopsy 4.21 · Issue #7893 · sleuthkit/autopsy · GitHub

Fixed with PR #7895

Fixed with PR #7895 and it has been merged in as well. To get this fix you will need to build Autopsy from source until a new release is available.