Missing keyword list

Hi everyone, when I open Autopsy 4.3.0, the keyword list and keyword search are missing from my program. Has anyone encountered something similar?

I haven’t seen that issue for years, and then only a few times. Is there a reason you’re still running Autopsy 4.3? It’s nearly three years old now.

I’m taking a computer forensics class and that’s the version they’re using for the labs. I have downloaded
version 4.12, but I get the same issue. I have tried un-installing and re-installing, but that doesn’t help.

Try going into AppData/Roaming and renaming the Autopsy folder (I think it’s safe to just delete it but just in case…).

Thanks so much. I just picked a random name to rename it(testing). Is that ok? everything is there now.

Great! You can delete the old folder from AppData. Note that all your config settings are saved here (hash sets, keyword lists, interesting rules, etc), so if you have any of those you might want to try to copy the config folder back over.