V4.12 Create Ingest Profile Hangs

Hello Folks!
When I click on “New Profile” in the Tools>Options>Ingest>Profiles tab I get a ‘spinning wheel’. Am I missing some config that comes before this step that could be causing this hang-up?

It’s normal to get the spinning wheel for a few seconds while Autopsy loads Python and the Python ingest modules but it should go away. Is there anything in the log? (Help->Open log folder) Do you have any third party Python modules installed? If so, maybe remove them temporarily and try it.

I have seen this happen with 3rd party modules that have option panels. Once the 3rd party modules were removed with option panels everything seemed to work. This was version 4.11 I saw this behavior.

Thank you for the fast replies!

I was also seeing an error pop-up at the creation of a new case complaining that the module options were not set. After entering the option info, it now works as expected. Many thanks!

Paul, can you explain the error pop-up more? What did you need to set?

Paul Delaney


You need to update the 3rd part plugins. They have been fixed so you do not get that error again. You can go to the releases page of my github page (https://github.com/markmckinnon/Autopsy-Plugins/releases) and download the 1.2 version which fixes this problem.
After installing the plugins you may need to clear out the plugin cache. Here are the instructions for doing that.

You will need to do the following:

Go into the following directories:


and delete all the files that start with org.python.proxies. These are the settings for the modules and because they have been changed and using the new method is why you are getting this error.

You should then be able to add your data source now. This should only happen once. If it continues to happen open a issue with the 3rd party module maker.

Thanks Mark,
I’m back on track!