Selected Row Count Number

I woulld like to request a new feature. While going through autopsy training Section 7: Various Small Modules (File Type, Exif, etc.) Question 1 > BLU R1 HD? it came to my mind.

  1. I have to select all the entries and then count them. Can we have a separate indication/notification on visible space that how many total entries have been selected? e.g according to above question there were 15 entries. While i can see total number of entries highlighted in green as 23, but it would be good if we can get total SELECTED entries as well somewhere in yellow highlighted part or anywhere else where its visible to user.
    PS: SS attached.

  2. If we create above feature then it will also be good to select entries that are in an order by using short key combination like 1st entry+shift+last entry, or 1st entry+ctrl+last entry. e.g if the table contains rows 1-15, then by selecting 1st row and pressing shift or cntrl and by clicking last row 15, it should auto select all 1-15 rows.

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