Problem with running a netbeans module (for Autopsy)

Hey guys,

I just installed netbeans IDE (12.6) and Autopsy(4.19.2) to my windows device.
Then I followed the instructions to create a Basic NetBeans Module (from Autopsy: Java Development Setup).
I then run the module.
I expected netbeans will start Autopsy - But all I got is this window, which is closing automatically after 2-3 seconds

The log message, that were shown told that build was succesfull

If you have any ideas how to fix it or you need more detailed information, I’m happy to hear your ideas.

I’m already looking forward to create a new plugin.

When you say you installed Autopsy did you install it from the zip file or from the installer file?

A few things to check to start. Your should have an Autopsy platform folder that looks like this:


Right click on your project and go to Properties and make sure the platform is set correctly there and that you have all the dependencies listed here:

I just used the wrong JDK Version. My bad and thanks for the fast response :slight_smile:

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Thx for the response! I just found the problem, but still thanks for the fast response :slight_smile: