How to create ingest module in netbeans

I have downloaded the code for autopsy, and run autopsy from netbeans. It is working fine. It is taking 10 minutes for it to build and rum.
I want to know how can I create ingest module.

I dont see on this page specification, on how I create project in netbeans. Javafx project? Module?
Is there more in detail guidance on where to start?

Start here:

I think this page answers your questions on getting started in Java:

I just downloaded NetBeans and followed the directions and they don’t match the latest version of NetBeans. I can’t create a NetBeans Module that works with Autopsy. Can someone point me towards the version of NetBeans that works with the instructions?

What version of netbeans are you using? What errors are you getting?

Thanks for the fast reply and for your help! I love Autopsy and am excited to create a module. I’m using Apache Netbeans IDE 12.3. The problem is that the IDE immediately diverges from the instructions. When I chose to create a NetBeans Module I don’t have the choice about what type of module I create. There isn’t a manage button to connect the module to Autopsy and after the module is created the options are different under the project properties.

I am using NB’s 12.0. Here are some screen shots that I took in order to create a module. See if they make sense and help and let me know.

You will have to download Autopsy zip file for the version of Autopsy you want to build for.


Hope this helps.

That worked! Thank you!!! I was making a Maven Netbeans module and didn’t see the Ant Netbeans Module. You’re awesome! Thank you so much!!!