Keyword Search - Keyword could not be parsed due to special characters

I am currently working on cases, where I need to perform an Exact Match Keyword Search for Keywords that contain special characters like question marks, asteriks, etc. When trying to add these Keywords to a Keyword List, I get an Error Message saying “Keyword could not be parsed. Please review and try again.”.

After some research concerning Solr’s query syntax, I noticed that these characters have a special meaning in queries and need to be escaped by prepending a backslash. However, escaping these characters with a backslash also does not work for me.

Is there any known workaround for this?

Tested with Autopsy 4.19.3 and 4.20.0 on Windows 10.

Edit: I was able to nail down the scenarios. The Keyword is rejected, if

  1. The word starts or ends with an Asterisk, e.g., *test
  2. The word contains paranthesis, which are not properly closed, e.g., te(st